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Digital Marketing Agency VS In House?

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency Vs. Your Own In House staff is a popular question many websites and business owners contemplate! There are pros and cons to each, and we will cover the primary things you should consider when making the best choice for your website and small business.

Digital Marketing is quickly becoming the main replacement over traditional marketing. Unlike radio, print, and television, the monetary hurdle is much lower, especially when you look at your Return on Investment, providing more transparency due to advanced data tracking software like Google analytics. But you may be asking yourself, should I hire a digital marketing agency or build out your own marketing department?

In-House Marketing

In-house marketing involves having extra payroll, which eats into your monthly profits. To run a comparable in-house marketing team, you need to fill crucial roles already in place at a digital marketing agency.

  • Marketing manager
  • Content writer
  • SEO and Analytics Expert
  • Social Media Manager
  • Paid Ads specialist
  • Designers & Developers

On top of all that, you still need to manage the employees to make sure quality works created! But don’t let that scare you off from going in-house.

Some of the major benefits of inhouse digital marketing are:

  • Faster Turnaround Time
  • Better Quality Control
  • Very Specific Adherence to Brand Guidelines
  • Trusted Employees to accomplish work.

Digital Marketing Agency

A Digital Marketing Agency, whether it specializes in Web Design, SEO, content creation, or other forms of digital marketing, can be a vital resource that is less expensive than most would consider. Especially when you look at the costs of hiring all these professionals under one roof.

Here are some of the benefits of going with a Digital Marketing Agency

  • Less overhead
  • Experience in multiple markets
  • Advanced skill sets
  • Less oversight on project completion
  • Much cheaper than an Inhouse staff.

Generally, you get more for your money by going with a digital marketing agency. Especially when you start comparing the cost of a full-time employee vs. the monthly fee of an agency like the Respawn Agency.

Digital Marketing Agencies usually have set up strategies to quickly onboard clients. Allowing your marketing efforts to take-off much faster and get the results you are looking for with quicker churn.

But there are some Disadvantages with going with a Digital Marketing Agency:

  • Less control of your content.
  • Slower response time to questions.
  • Unfamiliarity with your market

So Which is Better In House Or Digital Agency?

Ultimately an agency is the safer bet over time, with the best cost savings, but it does require you to find one that you can trust. Hence, why researching your digital marketing agency is extremely important!

If you the Capital and the time to train your employees, the in-house approach, while much more expensive, is an excellent solution for the lifetime of your business. Many times you will find even large marketing companies will outsource work to digital agencies as well, to help reduce costs.

Hybrid Solution For In House Marketing & Digital Marketing Agency

So for some, the hybrid solution may work best for the business or website. Consider hiring an in-house staff that handles the bulk of the work then bringing on a digital marketing agency to do grunt work. Freeing up your marketing team to focus on the important marketing tasks.

In the end, you must choose the option that works to increase leads, revenue, and saves money. If any of the opportunities presented today help you make that decision then great; we are glad we could help! If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us so we can discuss the best options for you in the future.

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