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Why We Don’t Have Account Managers

The simple answer? The whole concept of account managers does not make sense and in our mind, archaic for the digital marketing space.

Below are a few of the reasons why we utilize team optimization vs account managers.

People Leave Companies

It is the inevitable truth of all businesses, especially in the tech world. We never want your account to be lost in the shuffle when an employee leaves a company.

Our internal systems are designed in such a way that everyone in the company has the ability to optimize, understand, and be knowledgable on your account at any given time.

So if an employee on any of our teams resigns, goes on a leave of absence, takes a vacation, or has a baby, your account does not suffer because of one individual.


Account managers are not experts in all areas of all aspects of digital marketing.

Sure they have a good understanding of what makes digital marketing tick but sometimes it is best to have people that are experts in their field, to dive in and get their hands dirty.

That is why every team member has the opportunity in our company to work on your account and lend their expertise towards enhancing your website and business in many ways.

This is another reason why our company does not do billable hours.

Allowing developers the freedom to work on an account at the same time as digital marketers, SEO Experts, and other team members all while benefiting your small business.


When only one person is touching an account, there is no transparency, No checks and balances in the system to ensure everything is setup correctly.

If one person makes a mistake on our team, another team member can easily identify that mistake and fix it quickly.

This maintains clients trust, because marketing, SEO, websites, and hosting run smoothly.

Things get done quickly & most importantly correctly! No waiting on email communication, long meetings or a co-worker to come back from vacation.

It is this freedom of account management that has helped us truly optimize ads, SEO campaigns, & hosting to its fullest potential.

The speed at which our team operates is mind-blowing and truly a testament to how fluid and honest our system is when it comes to our internal support across the company.


Allowing the full team to become knowledgeable on an account allows clients even with small budgets to act like major corporations.

While ensuring a well educated and well-rounded team. This is one of the biggest benefits of our system.

You get industry experts and new employees, all providing a fresh perspective and advanced knowledge that benefit your website or small business.

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