ppc management companies

PPC Management Companies

PPC Management Companies are companies that handle various platforms paid traffic campaigns on your behalf.

Surprisingly many websites and business owners have no clue what a PPC Management Company is or does! You may be one of them, but that is okay!

The Respawn Agency team is here to help you navigate the playing field.

Pay-per-click is commonly associated with popular search engines like Google Ads and Bing Ads. With these consumer search engines you typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to your target market.

You also have PPC “display” advertisements, also known as “banner” ads. They are shown on websites that charge to show a graphic in a pre-determined location on a website. Most users, use Adsense to simplify this process.

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, & Linkedin have also adopted pay-per-click as one of their advertising models.

Is The Respawn Agency a PPC Management Company?

Yes, the Respawn Agency offers Paid Per Click management as one of the many services we provide to clients. Our company offers affordable services which:

  • Managing the health of your PPC Campaigns.
  • Discover & Research keywords on your campaign.
  • Set targeting and other advanced configurations on your ppc campaigns.
  • Setup and manage advanced audiences of your ppc campaigns.
  • Ensure budgets are spent responsibly every month.

As a full service PPC Management Company, our team ensures your entire marketing campaign on multiple platforms is handled and serving in your best interests.

It’s like hiring an investment firm to research the best stocks to help bring you the highest turn on investment.

Some things You Should Know About Companies That Offer PPC

There are a few different bidding models for PPC Management that you should know about.

Bid Based PPC : You enter an auction and based on different factors such as bid amount, quality of the ad, quality of the landing page, and other factors. This will determine where and how often you show in search engines.

Impression Based CPM: In this system you are not actually paying for cpc but cpm. This means you are charged for every thousand impressions.

No matter which bidding strategy is selected. When the Respawn Agency acts on your behalf in these bids, we will always act in your best interests to ensure you are getting the best results for the value.

Why Choose The Respawn Agency For PPC Managment?

There are a lot of reasons why we would be the right choice for you and your PPC Service. The biggest deciding factors are usually:

  • Our attention to detail .
  • Understanding the advanced technical jargon.
  • Ability to continually return good investments .
  • And lastly our affordable costs!

We know it is hard to make a decision with so many PPC Management companies out there to choose from.

That is why we invite you to contact our team today and discuss your goals.

We think you will be pleasantly surprised what we can do for you.

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